Our Services

Our team is able to handle all your needs including design, inventory management, Just in Time inventory, pack outs and testing of your products ability to make it through the shipping process. At ESPL, we believe in standing by our clients not just in terms of supplying products but also offering the right support that is needed to adapt to this Bio degradable , Recyclable and reusable packing product . In case of packaging, it is vital that the material must reach the end user intact until it is completely unpacked.

We are having a robust team of workers and management having a good product knowledge. Our mission is to provide the best services to our clients, offer the best industry environment and to provide the best possible results through the dedicated professionals. We’re confident that we can address your unique service needs and look forward to hearing from you.

Technology & Manufacturing

Manufacturing process consists of two machines, one is honeycomb core making machine and another is honeycomb board making machine. Our Machine is the best machine in India so far among all other competitors. Also, we use some die cutting and power press to design products according to market demands. Slitters for high efficiency , Precision and Speed